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Technical Certificate and Term of Responsibility

Consult if your version of Secullum Time CLock 4 is appropriate to the Ordinance 1510

The Technical Certificate and Term of responsibility is the document that proves the legality of the software Secullum Point 4, properly registered and with equal to or greater version than 1.0.51.

The Ordinance Number 793 of April 27, 2011, regulates the use of digital certification for electronic signature of "Technical Certificates and Terms of responsability" referred to in art. 17 and 18 of the Ordinance MTE No. 1,510/2009.

To get the word to PDF, enter below the CNPJ or CPF equal to what was registered in the system, and then click Send. The web service at this time, checks the database of Secullum if the CNPJ/CPF is properly registered and whether the appropriate update the Ordinance was properly installed. If everything is right, will be sent by e-mail to the software reseller certificate digitally signed, containing the customer data (business name and number registration), the software version and the date on which it was registered.



This certificate must be kept by the final customer and may be required in case of tax audit of the Ministry of labor and employment.

To avoid falsification of this document, both the end-customer as resale may at any time, enter this site and reissue the Technical Certificate and Term of Responsibility, because each time it is requested, is made rescanning of the database, validating the document.

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