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Secullum Gym.Net

Control the access of members and instructors blocking people with delayed payments. The system controls the administration of your gym, as well as physical assessments and training.

Available in monthly mode, including Remote Backup, automatic updates and the right of product evolution.

Main Characteristics - Secullum Gym.Net

  • Allows unlimited people registration (check licence);
  • Physical Evaluation;
  • Registration and Control of Trainings;
  • Anthropometry Graphics;
  • Compatible with the technologies:

    - Access Control: password Typing, barcode, Proximity, MiFare, biometrics;

    - Closed circuit TV: IP cameras, WebCam, or analog or IP Cameras system (review compatibility with manufacturer);

  • Registration of Members, Employees and any kind of person involved with the Gym;
  • Impression of Labels with a fully configurable layout;
  • Services Control offered and generation of monthly fees;
  • Management of payable accounts;
  • Management of receivable accounts with options for generation of Receipts, Bills and Checks control ;
  • Reports of cash flow foreseen, performed and periodic evolution graphical
  • Control Anamnesis Sheets for monitoring members;
  • Registration and control of Classes with limits of people;
  • Settings of warnings about monthly fees in the access equipment;
  • Special Simplified screen to settle tuition and search information from people.


Secullum Gym.Net
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Comparative Gym.Net and Mini Gym.Net

Features Secullum Mini Gym.Net Secullum Gym.Net
Register of students, employees, teachers
Visualization of Reports on Screen
Export of reports
Allows to configure Online Biometry
Control of services offered by the Gym
Generation of Tuition
Payable Accounts Management
Management of receivable accounts (generates Receipts, bills)
Special Simplified screen to settle tuition and search information from people
Checks Control
Projected cash flow, and Evolution chart
Anamnesis sheet
Control of Classes with limits of people
Configures monthly maturities warnings
Schedule for Evaluations, training Exchanges, etc.
Consumption Module
Anthropometry Graphics
Physical Evaluation
Register and control of Trainings
Training Sheets Consultation Module for Members
Academia.Net App - aluno tem acesso a avaliações e treinos através da aplicativo móvel
[Vendido separadamente]
Academia.Net App - professor pode acessar via Tablet os treinamentos e avaliações
[Vendido separadamente]

Technical Support

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If you prefer, you can contact us by phone (51) 3205-1964

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