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Secullum Mini Payroll.Net

The Secullum Mini Folha.Net system was developed to help you, so simple and objective, control the payment of their employees.

Main Characteristics - Secullum Mini Payroll.Net

  • Controls Hourly workers or Monthly workers;
  • Issuance of receipt of payment of salary (payslip); detailed payment receipt emission;
  • Automatic sending of e-mail to the employees with detailed payment receipt for the Conference;
  • History of registers (functions, departments, salaries and all payments made to employees);
  • Control of several Vouchers, food stamps, health insurance, dental.
  • Control and calculation of vacations;
  • Allows you to integrate or not with point systems; automatic integration with the Secullum Point 4;
  • Report of Provision of Vacations and Thirteenth;
  • Calculating of withdrawal, with provision included in the cost of the sheet;
  • Report of Salary payments or Vouchers;
  • Report the monthly cost of the sheet;
  • Export of Bank Payments, through configurable layout;

This system is intended to assist in the control of employee payments, however, does not replace the full payroll system or relevant accounting services.


Secullum Mini Payroll.Net
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David Rafael - 1/20/2014 5:48:18 PM

Otimo esse programa ...

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