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Secullum Access.Net

The system Secullum Access.Net aims to control and manage various security-related situations, being able to to be applied in:
    - Industries and businesses;
    - Public or private companies;
    - Condominium;
    - Schools and Universities;
    - Cafeterias.
Through a simple interface, compatible with the operating systems Windows Vista, or WEB interface, we can perform different functions, which include registers, equipment settings and consult reports.
Also available in the form of monthly payment, contemplating Remote Backup, Automatic updates and right to the product evolution.

Main Characteristics - Secullum Access.Net

  • Compatible with the technologies:

        - Access Control: Password Entry, Bar Code, Proximity, MiFare, Biometrics;

        - Images capture: WebCam, Analogue Cameras systems or IP (review compatibility with manufacturer);

        - Actuators and sensors: Turnstiles, Gates, Metal Detectors, Buttonhole, Doors, etc.

  • Integrates with most of databases;
  • Export of reports to the formats: PDF, Microsoft XPS, Html, MHT Web, Text File, Rich Text File, Word, Excel, CSV, DBF, XML, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, Windows Metafile;
  • Available in the versions Windows and WEB;
  • Designed for critical applications;
  • Module Integrated Refectory to the system;
  • Record of Occurrences;
  • Reports of Timeline;
  • Control of events, performs actions according to occurrences (Ex: Sends an e-mail if an equipment stops working, or sends SMS if there is a collapsed door);
  • Real-time monitoring making use of floor-plans.

Secullum Access.Net
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