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Secullum Parking.Net

The parking systems developed by Secullum are available in two versions: Mini Parking.Net, commercialized in sale and Parking.Net commercialized in a monthly fee.

Main Characteristics - Secullum Parking.Net

  • Includes ALL the features of the Mini Parking.Net;
  • Generation of NFS and fiscal notes (*);
  • Consumption module for product marketing and additional parking services (washing, fire extinguishers, snacks, etc);
  • Configurable control panels to display number of jobs (*);
  • Damage record in vehicles before entering the parking;
  • Parking Occurrences record as accidents, thefts and others;
  • Monitoring by Floor Plan allowing a general overview of the events;
  • Control Routes allowing you to indicate a sequence of access to the equipment;
  • Integration with Closed Circuit TV (*);
  • License Plate Capture for automatic registration (*);
  • Instant control of parking spaces using sensors or CCTV to identify the availability of spots (*);

(*) Function uses third-party peripherals. Check compatibility with manufacturers


Secullum Parking.Net
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Parking.Net e Mini Parking.Net comparative

Features Secullum Mini Parking.Net Secullum Parking.Net
Control of Mensuals, Periodics and uniques.
Control Gates, Automatic Ticket Printers and Expelling Cards
Registration of Rates
Register of Agreements
Controls Capacity
Screen for the emission of Tickets and Kiosks for payment
Ticket printing can be parameterized
Management of payable accounts and receivable accounts
Control of Payment boxes
Central Control Box [Developing]
Flows Accounts Reports, Evolution Graphics, Customers Report on Delay and others
NFS-e generation and Fiscal Coupon
Consumption Module [Em desenvolvimento]
Control panels [Em desenvolvimento]
Registration of Malfunctions [Em desenvolvimento]
Record of occurrences
Monitoring by Floorplan
Integration with closed circuit TV
Capture of vehicle Plates [Em desenvolvimento]
Instant control of Parking Spaces [Em desenvolvimento]

[In development]-these items may change without prior notice.

Technical Support

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If you prefer, you can contact us by phone (51) 3205-1964

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