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Secullum Mini Access.Net

Economic Solution for access control in small and medium-sized companies. Also available in the form of monthly payment, contemplating Backup Remoto, Automatic updates and right to the evolution of the product

Main Characteristics - Secullum Mini Access.Net

  • Designed for critical applications;
  • Integrates with most of the database;
  • Allows registration of up to 200 people and 600 visitors;
  • Monitoring of accesses in real time;
  • Access Report per persons, Visitors present among others;
  • Export of reports to the formats: PDF, Microsoft XPS, Html, MHT Web, Text File, Rich Text File, Word, Excel, CSV, DBF, XML, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, Windows Metafile;
  • Communication online and booking of tasks through Service of Windows.

Secullum Mini Access.Net
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