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Secullum Club.Net

The Secullum Club.Net system has been designed to serve all kinds of clubs or associations. Through a friendly user interface he centralizes access control tasks, security and financial control of objective way, making it an ideal tool for full control of your club.

Available monthly mode, including Remote Backup, automatic updates and product evolution law.

Main Characteristics - Secullum Club.Net

  • Register of Holders, dependents, Employees, Visitors and any kinds of people involved with the Club;
  • Registration and control of Classes with limits of people;
  • Impression of labelswith a fully configurable layout;
  • Control of Occurrences and monitoring of the Floorplan of the Club in real time;
  • Control of Products and Services offered and generation of tuition;
  • Management of payable accounts;
  • Management of receivable accounts with options for generation of Receipts, Bills and Checks;
  • Reports of cash flow provided, performed and periodic progress chart;
  • Printing of Bills and integration with banks;
  • Special simplified screen to discharge of tuition and search for information of people;


Secullum Club.Net
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